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Meet the Artist - Belinda Persoglia

Sydney, Australia


Belinda Persoglia @8paintgallery is an Australian artist creating modern abstract art. Several years ago she took a leap of faith and decided to follow her dream to create art.


Residing in Sydney, Belinda works primarily with acrylic paints and collage on both canvas and boards. Her body of work is comprised of textures, lines, marks, text and symbols, that is coupled with an emphasis on space. Her paintings are contemporary alchemy and a reflection of her child-animal vision which lends to a style that is both whimsical and profound, delicate and bold.


Belinda’s paintings are an invitation to re-experience what has been forgotten; the unconscious.  They are an investigation of being that transforms the fabric of everydayness into the exotic and universal.

'Love Cat'
by Belinda Persoglia

Belinda Persoglia Art

Mixed media and acrylic on cradled panel

30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")

All proceeds will be going to UNICEF for Ukraine - sharing the love! 

If you'd like to purchase this artwork or would like any more information

please contact Belinda Persoglia by following any of these links... 

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