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Meet the Artist - Julia Weston

London, UK


Driven by curiosity and a playful desire to follow obsessions, Julia creates richly textured and layered mixed media and acrylic paintings.

She describes art making as a non-negotiable part of her life, and through painting she has begun to understand the importance of the values she appreciates most in life: authenticity and showing up in life as an imperfect, multi-faceted human being.  

Most recently she has turned her attention inwards to intuitive ways of working, and through this she’s been able to comprehend the marks and shapes and choices she makes in her art. Her fascination for deeply worn textured surfaces speak to the history and layers from life lived which she brings unconsciously to her work. Rich and vibrant colour choices are redolent of experiences and memories which have seeped into her soul. And places she’s spent a good deal of time exploring – notably Portugal - weave their way into her art, albeit in abstracted forms.


She paints in her shed studio from her London home, as well as always packing substantial kit with her on her travels. She’s a passionate lifelong learner and has taken classes from many artists whom she admires; she credits Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Programme, which she first took in 2021, with giving her the tools she needs to fully dig into this journey of discovery of herself through her painting. She had paintings from her CVP ’21 series in a local exhibition ‘Gather’ at the W3 Gallery. 

'Feel it all'
by Julia Weston

Julia Weston Art

'Feel it all' is one of the worn walls works, using a limited palette of pinks. 

It draws on shapes and inspiration from a worn wall I was entranced with on a trip to Exmoor - unusual in its

vertically stacked stones, my type of 'disrupted' pattern! 

My explorations around 'worn' have helped me to understand why I'm so drawn to worn, imperfect surfaces . There's the inherent beauty in objects which have been around some time, which have depth and history to their appearance; then there's the link to the stuff that wears at us in life, making us who we are and how there can be real beauty in finding acceptance within this. 


The is one of 3 works on paper showing in Milan at the gallery of Young Art Hunters in a group show, 'Beneath the surface' with Global Artelier 21 from May 13th 2023. The works are 50cm by 70cm on 300gsm acid-free paper sold unframed.

Images in frames and in room settings are for illustration only. 


Price: £575.00 including worldwide shipping. 

If you'd like to purchase this artwork or would like any more information

please contact Julia Weston by following any of these links... 

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