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Meet the Artist - Lisa Metcalfe

Yorkshire, UK

Lisa Metcalfe.jpg

Lisa Metcalfe, a Yorkshire born artist, works from her garden studio creating vibrant, intuitive and contemporary art.

Art making for Lisa is the perfect way to switch off from the world and lose herself in something that makes her feel good. To draw, to paint, to collage…or to simply scribble brings Lisa so much joy and she fully immerses herself in the process.

Lisa works mainly with acrylic paint and mixed media. Pencil marks, acrylic ink and collage elements often feature in her work, building layers of interest and a subtle tactile quality. 

Colour also plays a vital part in Lisa’s art, she often works with a limited palette to create harmonious pieces. Bright pops of colour and confident brushstrokes have lead to her work being described as having ‘energy’!

Painting intuitively, Lisa lets the paint and the marks lead her, remaining fully present and in the moment.

'Happy Mix'
by Lisa Metcalfe

Lisa Metcalfe Art

Acrylic and mixed media painting on birch plywood panel

30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")

This piece encapsulates joyful vibes with a serene feeling too….This piece is a celebration of our global art group. Happy colours and joyful marks to celebrate the coming together of a warm hearted, dynamic and passionate group. A passion for art being the golden thread that connects us all together. Created using an unfinished board I started on the art course we all met on in 2021…adding even more history - a special piece!


It’s a celebration of all the different ‘happy feelings’ you get from friendship…laughs, generous sharing of advice and thoughts, using each other’s strengths and skills to help each other out and support one another, shared interests and different interests, inspiration and joyful wins!

If you'd like to purchase this artwork or would like any more information

please contact Lisa Metcalfe by following any of these links... 

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