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Meet the Artist - Mary Claire Tillotson

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


I am an abstract artist and my work is focused on bringing an emotional, immersive experience to the viewer rather than depicting a realistic reflection.  In doing so, I focus on my own nature based inspiration:  I’m endlessly fascinated by small moments and microcosms existing all around us, a few steps away from my own life:  the moss eclipsing the stones in the forest, the whole universe of flora and fauna supported by the sunlight that filters through the tree canopy; looking through the shallows of water to the bottom and how that translucence changes the viewpoint of everything in its grasp; the way the entire landscape changes with the hot southern sun or a frosty moonlit night; the feather dropped by the bird of prey as evidence of her fierce hunt.  These are just a few of the reflections on memories that inspire the moods of my paintings.  I use color, opacity, and values to express a range of experiences and moods, ranging from peaceful and ethereal, to lush, with a hint of dark enchantment.  


I made a return to art after receiving a traditional fine arts college education and then pivoting to a law school education and practice for many years (as well as being a mom).  In doing so, I have never felt more like myself.

'Within the Gloaming'
by Mary Claire Tillotson

Mary Claire Tillotson Art

30cm x 30cm (12" x 12") Mixed media/acrylic on paper

Proceeds donated to Doctors Without Borders for Ukraine

If you'd like to purchase this artwork or would like any more information

please contact Mary Claire Tillotson by following any of these links... 

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