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Meet the Artist - Siobhan Cox-Carlos

West of Ireland


I am an artist based in the West of Ireland who came to art serendipitously after seeing a  'Paint Along with ....." session on television many years ago.  Little did I think as a young Mum in my twenties going to my first hobby art class that I would end up becoming a full time artist!  My creative journey has been a joy and offered me so many opportunities.  I have shown my work all over Ireland, England and America.


Colour was the first element that really attracted me to the painterly process but this quickly grew to include texture and pattern.  Colour just lifts my spirits and makes me happy and through my work I have learnt that I can share that joy with my viewers.  I get my textures by mixing layers of paint with collage (paper, old books, broken jewellery and scratching into it or rubbing it back, never knowing what the result will be.  I am an abstract painter but am now working more intuitively in the past 18 months and find that sometimes some figuration appears in my work and that is absolutely fine!  I am learning to go with the flow and love the surprise element that this presents, it certainly keeps me on my toes!  


I have always been inspired by nature, light and objects, usually man-made which are juxtaposed in the landscape.  I find these 'moments' excite me and make me want to paint and try to capture this element of surprise and quirkiness in my work.   The American Abstract Expressionists have been a great influence and inspiration to me.  I am trying to capture the essence of a given scene and share it with you my viewer and give you a glimpse of something 'not seen but experienced'.

'The Golden Egg'
by Siobhan Cox-Carlos

Siobhan Cox-Carlos Art

The goose that laid…..'The Golden Egg'

 I wanted to launch this new website with a really positive art work and this painting is just that - representing Hope, Abundance and positivity itself.  

It measures 12”x12” and is Mixed Media on Panel.


I like to work in layers of paint, collage and mystery, never quite knowing what is going to emerge.  

When this golden egg appeared it was like a golden nugget to be treasured.  I hope you like it.

10% being donated to Red Cross for Ukraine.  P&P free to EU.

If you'd like to purchase this artwork or would like any more information

please contact Siobhan Cox-Carlos by following any of these links... 

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